NavVis VLX 3

The cornerstone of reality capture

NavVis VLX 3 is the industry-leading, wearable mobile mapping system that efficiently delivers comprehensive, highly detailed reality capture data to laser scanning professionals for complex sites, both indoor and outdoor.

All-in-one, highly-detailed reality capture Comprehensively capture 3D measurements with two 32-layer lidar sensors in combination with groundbreaking SLAM software to deliver industry-leading point cloud quality for a wearable device. Four cameras positioned on top of the device take high-resolution, sharp images in every direction for a complete 360º image - all without the operator appearing in the field of view.

Live scanning feedback Monitor your scanning progress in real time with a built-in touchscreen interface to ensure complete coverage as you move.

Precision meets ergonomics A first-of-its-kind wearable device which enables operators to comfortably scan at the speed of walking. The forward-facing design allows for targeted scanning, together with a built-in screen for optimal viewing.

Geo-registrationNavVis VLX 3 takes your laser scanning and survey workflows to the next level. It’s fully compatible with standard tools in the field, and can capture control points in a local site coordinate system measured by both Total Stations and GNSS rovers. It also supports national and global coordinates for precise geo-registration and alignment of datasets.

Innovative folding designThe unique hinged design folds up and fits into a protective case or backpack, so that a single operator can easily transport and set up.

Seamless transportationWith multiple methods of transporting NavVis VLX 3, moving around and between sites has never been simpler. A protective, hard-shelled case on wheels enables air and rail travel, while a compact, sturdy backpack allows you to move to and from your site with ease.

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NavVis Mapping Software Suit

mobile mapping and post-processing NavVis mapping systems come with a complete software suite for capturing and post-processing survey-grade point clouds. NavVis VLX features a built-in interface that buides you through scanning and displays live feedback. The post-processing software generates highly accurate point clouds and stitches together panorama images

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