Photogrammetry solution to power applications across industries

Advanced data processing for precise results

Survey-grade results

Obtain results with sub-centimetre accuracy thanks to photogrammetric analysis.
1-2 pixel GSD in X, Y directions
1-3 pixels GSD in the Z direction

Complete control over your project

Define an area of interest, select processing options, add ground control points or edit point clouds, DSMs, meshes, and orthomosaics.

Your workflow, your choice

Use default templates for automatic processing of your projects, or create your own with custom settings for full control over the data and quality.

Generate high resolution outputs for any project and use case

Easily export your digital maps and models to industry-compatible formats for further analysis or reporting

Full-color point cloud
.las, .laz, .ply, .xyz

GeoTiff (.tif), .kml

Digital surface model (DSM)
GeoTiff (.tif), .xyz, .las, .laz

3D textured mesh
.ply, .fbx, .dxf, .obj, .pdf

Index map
GeoTiff (.tif), .shp

Thermal maps
GeoTiff (.tif)

Classified point cloud
.las, .laz

Contour lines
.shp, .dxf, .pdf