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Gexcel Software ขอใบเสนอราคา

Gexcel Software | A GOOD CONNECTION BETWEEN HARDWARE AND GEXCEL SOFTWARE is essential for the best work results!
software products (in particular JRC 3D Reconstructor®) are nourished by the applied research achievements of the European Joint Research Centre (JRC), located in Ispra, and the University of Brescia. Currently, the development is carried out entirely by Gexcel, thanks to partnerships with research centers of international excellence.
Thanks to these collaborations and to its know-how, Gexcel is the official developer and provider of this software and satisfies multiple market needs, becoming also partner of important laser scanner manufacturers. Our software is appreciated by architects, engineers, surveyors, geologists, etc., delivering to all users innovative tools to get the best results with great ease of use.

Special Faro
Coming from a long term collaboration between Gexcel and Faro, the JRC 3D Reconstructor Faro Special Edition is suited for the customers that need to use only the FARO sensors and benefit at the same time of all the features of the Gexcel software.
The JRC reconstructor ® Faro Special Edition are always upgradable to the all sensors packages.

When is neededan easy tool to extract profiles, DTMs, volumes and more, from FARO data...
The perfect solution for daily FARO surveyors as the ones involved in Construction projects...
The worldwide outstanding solution for Culturage Heritage FARO survey. demo buyresellers When the beauty, the colors...
Try the RecLinkApp for Scene! From Scene enter directly in JRC 3D Reconstructor world and go back to Scene WebShare...
Descover the benefit of the new Gexcel Stand Alone APP for FARO! Easily create digital terrain models, extract isolines and sections (ready for CAD), and calculate volumes and cut&fills
Descover the benefit of the new Gexcel Stand Alone APP for FARO! Automatically register your fls scans without using any target or sphere..