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SCENE WebShare Cloud


SCENE WebShare Cloud is a modern cloud-based hosting platform from FARO®, offering real-time access to highly accurate 3D reality data in real time. This service allows data of unlimited size and independent of their source of capture to be stored, viewed, evaluated and safely shared anywhere and anytime, simply using a web browser. The highest FARO data security standards ensure that sensitive workloads can be hosted in the cloud. Powerful features such as the Download Functionality represent FARO’s contribution to further simplify and accelerate project management and Scan-to-BIM operations among project partners.


Flexible Reality Data Upload

Upload 3D reality data of any source of capture without data size constraints. Use data captured by terrestrial laser scanners, drones, mobile scanning systems and photogrammetry devices from FARO and other scanning solution providers or directly import 2D floor plans and panoramic images from the FARO ScanPlan™ 2D handheld mapper. Uploaded projects can be easily expanded by adding the latest 3D point cloud data at any time for documenting different project stages.

Easy Viewing and Sharing

View and explore uploaded 3D reality data directly in any common web browser. Numerous viewing modes such as multi-layer overview maps, 3D views and panoramic scan views provide an impressive visualization and easy orientation even within most complex project data. Get the feeling of being live on site, using the Virtual Reality (VR) viewing mode. All 3D reality data is accessible to partners by sending a unique URL.

Powerful Data Evaluation

Evaluate 3D reality data projects directly in the web browser. Take, edit and share measurements and annotations in all different viewing modes. Categories and reference tags can be used for comprehensive data filtering and data organization. Add links to data and documents located externally such as Box Cloud Storage or Dropbox.

Orthophoto Creation

True to scale orthophotos can be generated from free configurable positions within the ground and facade viewing modes. Download these full color detail images for the creation of 2D deliverables such as floor, elevation and facade plans or sections. Artificial-coloring is available to visualize the flatness of surfaces.

Point Cloud Download

Sections and entire scan projects are ready to be downloaded as 3D point clouds or as high-resolution panoramic images within a short time, using all common industry formats such as *.rcp, *.pod, *.xyz and *.e57. Directly import all data in the Autodesk® and Bentley Pointools Portfolio or any other CAD and BIM software without conversion breakdowns. The Download Functionality enables efficient ways of collaboration, allowing scanning service and construction managers, for example, to share reality data with engineers, architects or other partners even if they work at different locations worldwide.

Management Platform Integration

SCENE WebShare Cloud can be directly integrated into the Autodesk® construction management tool BIM 360™ and Nemetschek’s Allplan Bimplus. Every point of view is accessible from outside, sharing its unique URL. Partners receiving the URL only need to copy and paste it into the hyperlinks of any system or embed the specific SCENE WebShare Cloud view as an iFrame into online software tools for BIM, construction, facility and asset management.

Flexible User and Project Management

Invite an unlimited number of clients, suppliers or other partners to join the platform. A sophisticated user right system allows managing projects in customizable user groups. Complex work and coordination steps are easily transferred into the cloud. Authorization such as access rights (public or private projects) and user permissions for administration, data upload, sharing or data download can be customized and defined, giving partners access to 3D reality data even if they do not have an own user account.