FARO WebShare Software

Managing construction projects and facilities requires fast, collaborative decision making — a task made difficult with local data storage and outdated management platforms. FARO WebShare gives you web-based 3D data viewing capabilities on FARO’s secure, cloud-based global project management platform, FARO Sphere. Through Sphere, WebShare ensures every partner stays informed with web access to accurate 3D reality data of any size and from any source. Use WebShare to continuously monitor as-built data during construction or to integrate 3D reality data as part of a facility digital twin for ongoing operations and maintenance. WebShare, as part of FARO Sphere, meets the highest requirements for data security while minimizing project costs and delays.

WebShare Performance

Easy, Simple, Affordable 3D Reality Data Sharing

As a fully integrated component of Sphere, WebShare functions as a web viewer for all 3D data projects and guarantees fast 3D reality data exchange among partners for seamless, highly efficient project management. It’s ideal for large organizations in manufacturing, processing, construction and government work, where complex projects require multi-level coordination.

WebShare Features

Flexible Reality Data Upload

Upload data from terrestrial laser scanners, handheld scanners, drones, mobile scanning systems and photogrammetry devices.

Easy Data Visualization and Sharing

View and explore uploaded 3D reality data in any common web browser.

Powerful Evaluation Tools

Take, edit and share measurements in a web browser and add links to external data sources.

Downloadable True-to-scale Ortho Images

Create orthophotos from any point of view for efficiently generating 2D deliverables such as floor, elevation and façade plans or sections.

Point Cloud Export

Download sections or entire projects as 3D point clouds or panoramic images, using file formats such as .rcp, .pod, .xyz and .e57 for direct use with Autodesk®, Bentley Pointools portfolio or any other CAD/BIM software.

CAD and BIM Support

Users can import CAD or BIM formats such as .sat, .step, .jt, .dwg, .dxf, .obj, .ifc, and .rvt to easily validate the design against the real world situation and share with all project stakeholders. This will simplify the design coordination between different trades and accelerate time to decision.

Management Platform Integration

Directly integrate into the Autodesk® construction management tool BIM 360™ or Nemetschek’s Allplan Bimplus.

Digital Twin Support

Facilitate digital twin technology with site monitoring and real-time virtual representation of any physical asset.

WebShare Enterprise Option

WebShare Enterprise is a standalone software option for users not ready for the public cloud (Sphere). It gives organizations the ability to store 3D reality data on a company’s private server or private cloud infrastructure.

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