FARO® RevEngTM Software

3D point-cloud capture and mesh generation for reverse engineering

The advanced FARO RevEng Software platform empowers users with a comprehensive digital design experience. The reverse-engineering software helps create and edit high-quality meshes and CAD surfaces from 3D point clouds for reverse-engineering workflows. Industrial designers can then use these mesh models for further design or 3D printing.

RevEng Features

Automatic Mesh Optimization Tool

Get dimensionally accurate, reliable and repeatable mesh file results.

Best-in-class Mesh Editing

Use tools for automated mesh fixing, improved smoothing effectiveness and more.

Automatic NURBS Surface Creation

NURBS (Non-uniform Rational B-Spline) Sketch Tool streamlines the creation of exportable CAD surfaces from point clouds, with automatic and fully editable workflow.

Reliable, Robust Device Connection

Set up RevEng quickly.

Efficient, Rapid 3D Point Capture

Eliminate overlapping points.

Grid Management

Create clean, consistent, light models (up to 1.75 times lighter).

Easy User Interface

Work quickly and intuitively from the start.

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