Whether for restoration or scientific analysis purposes, for securing protected buildings or for virtual presentations of historical sites, the FARO Laser Scanner Focus devices offer the possibility of complete and detailed 3D documentation of historical structures and excavation sites. Thanks to its integrated colour camera, photo-realistic 3D images can be created instantly.

• Reconstruction: Detailed 3D data for reconstruction of lost appearance of components of historical sites or archeological objects.
• Restoration: Creation of 3D models for restoring purposes preserving the original building substance without the necessity of scaffolding usage.
• Conservation: Precise 3D CAD documentation for preservation and protection of historical/archeological material and inventory.


  • • Extreme time savings and high fidelity for 3D documentation of complex factory and plant installations
  • • Risk minimisation in brownfield projects where access is difficult or expensive and where schedules are tight
  • • Brownfield costs can be reduced by 5-7%, contingencies for rework to less than 2%. Schedules can be compressed by as much as 10%
  • • Efficient control and monitoring of health and safety as well as environmental regulation
  • • In combination with SCENE and FARO As-Built for AutoCAD Software FARO provides a complete workflow for documentation of industrial plants in CAD

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